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image and her personality on teeth in Vietnam

image and her personality on teeth in Vietnam,avoid snacks too often and if so, you should eat some snacks with less sugar and starch, such as carrots. Eat balanced meals to feel firm and full longer. If you need to eat a snack, make sure it contains less fat and sugar. Bite the pencil Have you ever bitten by a pencil when you’re too focused on work or study? Like ice cold chewing, this habit can cause damage to teeth causing the tooth to crack. Sugar-free gum will be a better option when you feel the need to chew something to increase concentration. It will stimulate the salivary flow, which can make teeth healthier and help protect against acne-prone teeth. For today no longer see the presence of the mercury chief, but instead, there are no porcelain eyes and no eyes, but it is safe to show and love you stalking.

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In the second type of sinus cavity, missing sinus on the side so it is not possible to fill the Amalgam properly as well as reproduce the correct shape of the tooth if not put the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to place the mold to. Create a temporary wall to keep Amalgam from falling out when you’re buried, stuffed with Amalgam. vietnam dentist prices

Create the ideal contact with the tooth or filler next to and mold the right shape of the filler on the side help to reproduce properly the shape of the tooth surface.

The requirements of good mold placement.

A good mold should meet the following requirements molds must be of height appropriate to the height of the tooth, that is, the mold should be placed higher than the surface of the chewing a little, not too low or too high because it will be difficult to reproduce the shape as well. interfering with cushioning, sculpture restoration, and restricting the viewer’s treatment.

If placing the mold just horizontal to the background of the wall, when amalgam filling, Amalgam will easily cross the slot of the mold to the benefit using the tip of the scabbard to check, to adjust the mold so that no longer a gap. Between the mold and the edge of the sinus edge if needed to add the wooden shade to the teeth to seal the fillings to fill teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The surface of the molding cavity in the sinus cavity must be smooth, otherwise it will create the roughness of the side of the seal. This rugged surface will provide mechanical retention between the mold and the filler, making it difficult to remove the mold. It is easy to remove part or all of the side of the mold.

Notes on filling Amalgam.

For good amalgam fillings, when filling, covering and filling Amalgam should note the following: cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Amalgam should be stuffed with strong force so that when amalgam freeze will not expand as much as when stuffed with strong force, the excess mercury will appear on the surface of the filler, wipe the face with cotton swab to remove it easily. If left unused, excess mercury will cause over-expansion. This will affect the quality of the fill reduction of the hardness of the amalgam.

Do not allow saliva to enter the amalgam filling, otherwise Amalgam will dilate too much, prolonged due to chemical reaction between zinc in Amalgam with slow evolving water. It only occurs if Amalgam is soaked during freezing, when Amalgam is hard and not affected by water.

Must be stuffed with Amalgam one layer at a time, not filled with sinuses once before filling, so that Amalgam can be stuffed close to the corners and walls of the sinuses. Try to keep the interval between the two operations from the mixing to the filling as short as possible ie Amalgam after mixing it must be filled soon do not leave long because more time interrupt this Amalgam hardness is reduced. Give the patient 2 hours to eat, preferably in the first 8 hours do not eat chewing on the filling. The patient returns at least 48 hours to polish the filler. cấy răng implant

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